Caisse Populaire Kahnawake
May, 2019

About the Caisse


Founded in 1987, The Caisse Populaire Kahnawake is a territorial caisse and not a group caisse in this sense accessible and offering services to the entire population residing on the territory and those of surrounding communities.

When the Caisse opened its doors on October 8th, 1987, a four-year dream of establishing a financial institution that reflected our values and contributed to the economic and social well-being of our community became a reality.

The Caisse is our financial services institution representing our cultural values, our philosophy and our heritage. As we look to the future, we are confident that we have honored the legacy left to us by our ancestor and confident that we have created a stronger one for future generations.

The Caisse Populaire Kahnawake has 5,401 members and 28 employees.



Provide members, regardless of the scope of their needs, access to high quality financial services, adapted to those needs, while guaranteeing concrete financial advantages and thoughtful and considerate services on a human level.

Contribute to their cooperative, economic and financial education.

Contribute to the development of community and of cooperation.